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About Reclaimed

Find vintage, primitives and rural beginnings, antiques, architectural salvage, and industrial objects here. A Junklady’s philosophy is that life is a journey that is meant to be full and meaningful. At Reclaimed, we believe that the best object has had a life of its own and a unique story to tell. We are passionate about finding the odd, the quirky, but very cool junk that will bring a little meaning and joy to you. 

Meet The Junklady

Reclaimed is nearing its second year in business currently located at 500 East Grand Avenue in Des Moines’ Historic East Village, but this charming little shop has been decades in the making. My father was a farmer with a passion for carpentry and he is is the one I attribute for my crazy love of very old things. He called it junk, but never threw a thing away, and was "salvaging" long before it became a verb. I was a very young girl, when he brought me to my first farm auction. I had found my first love, all this stuff and endless possibilities. Years later, with a career in the corporate world, I found myself reassessing my life's choices and a major lifestyle change was in order. I decided to pursue my passion, that thing that makes your heart skip a beat and keeps your head reeling with ideas. Reclaimed is the result. Today, I spend my time finding joy in the good junk: the thrill of a good road trip, often with a destination in mind, but not necessarily a map to get there. I trek out with a notion of what I'm looking for and great expectations of things unknown. I do enjoy the found things and their history, but I really thrive on the good people I meet along the way. I am reinventing life as I know it, and it is good.


Here's to reclaiming life and reclaiming the good junk!


- Carol Wyckoff

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