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Auction Day - Best Day Ever!

Beautiful Day at the farm auction. Great out buildings, hay racks stacked full with all that I wanted, piles of primitives and other "rural beginnings" placed throughout the property to allow two rings to function effectively. I was in heaven. We would have to strategically plan our day to cover it all.

auction at trailer_edited.JPG

I in my boots, and Tammy in sneakers (she's typically in flip flops) as we trudge through the mud from rack to rack. Sometimes the high bid, but always happy with the great find we get to take home.

Edited Image 2014-7-25-15:56:9

Some of the good ol' boys were perplexed as to what all the fuss was about as they watched from the sidelines waiting for the equipment to come up for auction. Not these farmers, the one in white hat is my dad when he was a young man. He took me to my first farm auction, and so it is he whom I attribute my love and curiosity for all things old and worn.

Bright Seed sacks on the line - Choice. Bidding was fast and fun. They smelled of fresh air and sunshine, not typical for a good old seed sack.

auction tub.JPG

I just could not go home without it. I was hell-bent and determined to get this gorgeous zinc bathtub... and so here we sit for a photo op at the end of the day as we load up all the "good junk".

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